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Mistletoe Real Leaf Ornament
Mistletoe Real Leaf Ornament

Finish: Silver

Size: Approximately 3" high. All leaves vary in size and shape as no two are alike.

The Still Life Real Leaf and Botanical Ornament Collection

Each ornament in the Still Life real leaf and botanical ornament collection is hand harvested from real leaves and botanicals, and preserved in 24k gold, sterling silver, or copper. Gathering only the finest of the species, every Still Life real leaf and botanical ornament is unique as found in nature.

Every leaf takes approximately 7 hours to create. Through an intricate process, our artisans expose the leaf's vein structure, creating a "filigree" or lacy effect. Each Still Life real leaf and botanical is then dipped in 24k gold, sterling silver or copper to preserve the delicacy and beauty individually of nature.

Still Life donates a portion of our proceeds to environmental organizations that replenish trees in deforested areas.

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