Still Life Gifts
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OPRAH"Natural Ornaments. Real leaves preserved with 24kt gold, silver, or copper coating prove that nature is our finest artist. They add nondenominational sparkle to a tree or holiday package."
LA Times"What to get for the animal lover who has everything: A silver- or gold-plated Milk Bone Say you're an animal lover with a burning desire to spend your money on something, and you've already got your own reindeer-dung necklace. What new purchasing frontiers are left to conquer? Don't fret, dear shopper. Now you can add a silver- or gold-plated Milk Bone to your collection of animal-related oddities. As our colleague David A. Keeps explains at The Times' home and garden blog, L.A. at Home, California design company Still Life Gifts has licensed the famous dog biscuit and turned it into a festive ornament."
Harper's Bazaar"What's New. Metallic accents and wintry white make the holiday season magical."
House Beautiful"The Best for the bath. Night-Lights preserved leaves coated in silver or 24-karat gold cast a soft, soothing glow. Sugar Maple Real Leaf Night Lights."
Coastal Living "Seasonal Settings. Create a holiday tabletop with colors from a coastal palette."
Gifts & Decoration"Real leaves and botanicals are preserved in 24 kt gold, silver or a variety of copper patinas and turned into wreathes. Hand made in America."
Gifts Shop"It Comes Naturally. Luxury is not ostentatious in these difficult economic times. At its best it is a subtle and involves us in the natural world. Look for products that incorporate natural elements in elegant and unexpected ways."
Smithsonian"It's hard to believe these are real Japanese maple, birch, and full moon maple leaves. Each is preserved with iridescent copper in seven hour long process. Hand crafted in the USA."
San Francisco Chronicle"Turning over bright leaves. Do you remember collecting leaves as a child and how you longed to keep the beauty of a leaf preserved in some fashion forever. A Marin County company is producing filigreed and gilded leaves that both preserve and enhance their natural beauty."
Bon Apetit"Fallen Treasures. Celebrate autumn with Still Life's Full Moon Maple Leaf ornament with amber bead. These exceptional pieces are made with real leaves that are filigreed in an iridescent copper finish. They look superb with silk napkins in sage, mango and gold."
Country Living"Ornamentals. Still Life turns leaves into sculpture with hand applications of copper. The Lacy oak with acorn and black acorn with acorn are from the Real Leaf Collection. Ribbon ties included."
Women's Day"Wintry Wonderland. Pretty as a picture window. Pair outdoorsy ornaments such as silver plated leaves and acorns, with vintage inspired shapes in silver and snowy white. Finish with sky-blue spheres and a glittered topper."
Smithsonian Museums"The Smithsonian Institution, owned by the US Federal government, is comprised of sixteen public museums and the National Zoo. Its core mission—"the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” Still Life products are offered in the Smithsonian Winter Holiday Catalogs. All of the profit from your purchase directly supports the Smithsonian."
Pendleton Woolen Mills"Pendleton Woolen Mills is a classic American textile manufacturing company located in Portland, Oregon. Known for their blankets and woolen clothing, they have expanded into home and jewelry accessories. Still Life Gifts is a natural, sustainable manufacturing company of home décor and jewelry made in Marin County, California. Pendleton has collaborated and partnered with Still Life as another American classic manufacture."